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Josh deLacy

Josh deLacy

I started making maps for family and friends to celebrate our major trips. I couldn’t find any existing maps that focused on the places we loved and the trails we had hiked together, that combined the precision of modern hillshading with the warmth of vintage labeling—so I made my own.

I put my Mt. Rainier mountaineer’s map online as an experiment in February of 2023 and was blown away by how many people wanted a copy. Since then, I’ve been able to help all sorts of people (across 34 states!) connect to places and trips they love.

I love helping people celebrate their outdoor adventures, feel closer to nature, and shrink the gap between our daily lives and our mountaintop experiences. With one of my maps, I hope you can bring the wilderness home.

Map Styles

Trail Maps

Tell the story of your hike with one or two highlighted routes, elevation and mileage stats, and a brief description of the trail(s).

Mountaineer’s Maps

See all the major routes to a major summit, along with key information about each route’s difficulty, elevation gain, trailhead, and more.

Area Maps

More traditional maps without any extra information; just hillshading, topography, and original labels.

Historic City Maps

A glimpse into your city’s past, with the option to feature your home or business.

New maps and customizations

Is there a place or trail you’d like me to map next?


Man holding a personalized map by Paper Cairns

I add about one map each week to the website. Is there a place or trail you’d like me to map next?


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